Thursday 21 June 2018

Sharon Webb

From difficult times to a new career

Sharon Webb is today a happy mother of two with a bright future.

This wasn’t the case a number of years ago when, after suffering a back injury, Sharon could no longer work full-time as a Registered Nurse and needed to seek alternative employment. She worked in a sales role in the beauty field and decided this was the industry in which she wanted to advance herself.

However, due to unforseen severe life challenges, she and her husband were in a fragile situation, and their financial state was in bad shape. This impacted on Sharon’s self-esteem and confidence. It was a very difficult time.

Sharon knew that education was the key to income earning potential and was determined to further her career through continuing education at TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute, Mount Druitt College.

With the support of her husband she enrolled in a Certificate II in Make-up, the entry point for beauty therapy studies at that time.  She realised that this was only the first step if she was going to progress her career.  She was aware that to be able to do more she would greatly benefit from financial assistance, which would also boost her confidence and awaken career dreams that had been put to rest.

Doubting very much if she would be successful, Sharon applied for a Mick Young Scholarship.  To her surprise and excitement, Sharon couldn’t believe the news of hearing she was one of a few Scholarship recipients. More important than providing the money she needed, the Scholarship gave her a feeling of incredible value, that someone really wanted her to succeed and her career was important to others.

The Scholarship was the turning point from which she continued her studies and has now completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. She is keen to find employment which combines her nursing and beauty training in Cosmetic Nursing, working alongside the medical field to help people heal from devastating skin conditions and injuries.

Sharon says “The Mick Young Scholarship was like a beautiful seed that someone planted to help nurture the belief in myself again”.