Thursday 21 June 2018

Wendy Beckett

Successful international play-writer and recipient of first Mick Young Scholarship

Extracts from Wendy Beckett talking about how the Mick Young Scholarship helped her create a highly successful career:

"About 25 years ago, I submitted an application to the Mick Young Scholarship Trust in the hope of being the lucky one who might be chosen and financially supported to realise my fantastic ambition of becoming a playwright. I did win, becoming the first recipient of the Scholarship.”

“It’s difficult to find the words to explain how it feels to have your life turn around 180 degrees, to get right up close to your dreams and look through that window. A future, an opportunity you had so longed for, made real.

This surge of confidence led me on to gain, not one but 5 university degrees and to write what is now 22 plays on stage, many of which I now direct myself. In addition, I have written biographies, magazine articles, books, radio plays and interviewed on ABC Radio. It’s a fantastic career and I feel graced to work in this industry.”

“‘This brilliant career’ as Miles Franklin called it, is all due to the initial support of the Mick Young Scholarship Trust; the catalyst that gave me the confidence, the determination to strike out, and have a go, at pursuing a career in play-writing.

Young people can do extraordinary things, all they need is someone to believe in them and for me that person was Mick Young."

Wendy was the first recipient of a Mick Young Scholarship and today continues to inspire students with her passion for pursuing career aspirations. Wendy regularly makes presentations at celebrations recognising Mick Young Scholarship recipients particularly near her home town in Adelaide.